Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fire! There's a Fire!

Yesterday was Crazy!

At 3:00 AM a fire broke out in our neighborhood, in fact, right across the street! It was a crazy and very scary sight to see an entire house, three cars, and all the possessions held inside the house burned within 20 minutes.

 There were over 50 Fire Fighters on site!
This is what the house looked like in the morning. Very sad to see what once a nice house burned to a crisp.
Here is a story that the Andover Fire Department shared that same day about the home owner.
With that exciting thing happening yesterday, my mind has been bouncing off the walls at work.
I did however get to hang out with my best friend and his brothers and we went to see 22 Jump Street. The movie was way better than I thought I had a great time!
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