Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beautiful Day and the Cherry on Top!

For the most part, I worked all day. Working an 11-8 shift with a small break in between. It was a very busy lunch, while dinner was only half as busy.
On the way home, I always walk, I took some photos of the gorgeous sky!

These were all taken by ROLLER BLADING too. :-)

At about 8:00 I called my girlfriend to discuss the little events that took up our day, and then I threw out the idea for her to come up to me so we could go see How to Train Your Dragon 2. So that's what we did! We went to see it and honestly, it was a pretty cute movie.

So it was a beautiful day and it even had a little "cherry on top" with the little date with my girl.
On a personal note, I am setting up an interview to be a Apartment Caretaker, hoping to cut the costs of the apartment itself immensely. I am currently starting a salary paid position that will lead me to closer to my goal as a restaurant owner.
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Fire! There's a Fire!

Yesterday was Crazy!

At 3:00 AM a fire broke out in our neighborhood, in fact, right across the street! It was a crazy and very scary sight to see an entire house, three cars, and all the possessions held inside the house burned within 20 minutes.

 There were over 50 Fire Fighters on site!
This is what the house looked like in the morning. Very sad to see what once a nice house burned to a crisp.
Here is a story that the Andover Fire Department shared that same day about the home owner.
With that exciting thing happening yesterday, my mind has been bouncing off the walls at work.
I did however get to hang out with my best friend and his brothers and we went to see 22 Jump Street. The movie was way better than I thought I had a great time!
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday Madness

Today was pretty decent.
The weather today was perfect for roller blading, which I did for transportation to work. It was slightly windy with some nice sun that didn't make me sweat buckets!

My work shift was very short, just a 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Why so short? Well because I'm still paid by the hour, it was very likely that I would get overtime this week. So, because today was slow I was able to go home a little early.
I went to Festival Foods right after my shift. Those stupid self-checkout machines never work and I always seem to have problems with them. I bought a bunch of different kind of drinks to get my hydration up!
12 drinks! Picture doesn't include the water I was drinking.
Since I'll be working on Group Meals and Group Events, I thought I'd share my little creation for our morning groups that come in for morning meetings, Bible studies, etc. Below is a picture of our three different types of coffees (Decaf, Hazelnut, and Robust) all from Ethopia! We actually donate money from each cup a guest drinks! Anyway, this was the setup.

~After Work Selfie~
 In other related news, I emailed the Pastor who offered me a job. I asked if a couple questions regarding Pay, Hours, and Cost.

Looking forward to sharing more stories later~


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day off!

Today was my day off! And after a 14 hours shift yesterday it was well needed!

The original plan was to spend the morning sleeping in and relaxing. Then I was going to go bowling with some friends from work. After that, I was going to get picked up by my girlfriend where I was going to take her to Bunker Beach and dinner.

However the day was not at all how I planned it, and it was amazing!

First, I woke up at 7:30 AM and I took a shower, and then immediately fell back asleep.

I woke up with texts from one of my friends saying he couldn't come so we decided to call off the bowling party. So what did I do for a couple hours? I walked aroung Target and purchased a new case for my Tablet!

My girl friend picked me up at 4:00 PM where we went to Bunker Beach for some Lazy River and some tanning!
 We then tried out a restaurant in Maple Grove, called The Lookout Bar & Grill! We were even part of their commerical, playing outdoor games and eating delicious food.

 The view was amazing from the Lookout Bar & Grill, overseeing a large neighborhood from Maple Grove.
I'm a luck man!
Over and all, it was a very good day! It was very relaxing and very fun!
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Crazy Day Yesterday!

It was a crazy day yesterday!
Pizza Ranch was the busiest it's ever been for a Tuesday, and we did a very successful job even with the short staff. We hosted a political meeting of 88 people, all from the Anoka County Chamber of Commerce, it was a lot of fun and the event was a huge success!
I also got offered an interesting job opportunity from an old friend. A previous Pastor of a church we attended a long time ago. Now the church is closed down and the Pastor is now doing conferences all over the World and is in need of someone to work on Social Media for him and for other purposes such as "bodyguard" and "butler" and doing random tasks like carrying luggage, typing up documents, etc. With me, unknown what the pay would be, or whether or not I'd be able to move out on my own, and whether or not I'd be able to keep my current job is questioning.
So, I'm not sure what to do. Hahaha! It'll be very interesting to see where the next few weeks bring me.
I then ended the day and bought a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3. I got a very nice paycheck, and I needed something portable to take notes and work on my business calls/meetings with Pizza Ranch.
So it was very interesting! And very productive. My shift included a total of 14 hours, a job offer, shook the hands with a lot of important people in Anoka, and had a decent shift with my employees!
Over and all, a great day!
Thanks for reading~

Monday, June 9, 2014

Little about me


My life will be rapidly moving in motion as each day, week, and month passes. I am going to be recording my life as I begin to live it out. Being completely truthful, you will see my life through writing.

I am currently 19 years old, oldest of 6 sibilings. Currently my family and I do not have that great of a relationship, especially between myself and my dad. With that most likely never going to work out, I am going to move out on my own this summer. Hopefully I will be able to find an apartment by mid July.
Taken by Me. Follow me on instagram at josiah_the_servant

I work at Pizza Ranch; a fun, friendly buffet style restaurant. I am currently a Shift Manager, however with hard work I requested a promotion and it was granted!! On Monday I will be receiving a salary based pay and I will be titled a B2B Marketing Leader and Shift Manager. I am super excited to continue at Pizza Ranch. My duties will be to set up fun social events, group meals (catering stlye events), business meetings, and working on the social media side to Pizza Ranch.

My heart is taken by an amazing beautiful young lady named Meagan. She and I have been together for almost 2 years, and I plan on one day marrying her.

As far as hobbies and such go, I currently work. That is my hobby. My life goal is to own my own restaurant, or franchise chain of restaurants. And I'm beginning to learn the process of opening a new restaurant. I am already a manager, managing over 75 employees and working well over 50 hours a week. Any free time I have is spent relaxing at home watching Psych or Sherlock Homes, my current favorite TV shows.
I can't wait to move out and start out on my own and to see where my life might lead me in the months to come.
Thanks for reading~