Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Crazy Day Yesterday!

It was a crazy day yesterday!
Pizza Ranch was the busiest it's ever been for a Tuesday, and we did a very successful job even with the short staff. We hosted a political meeting of 88 people, all from the Anoka County Chamber of Commerce, it was a lot of fun and the event was a huge success!
I also got offered an interesting job opportunity from an old friend. A previous Pastor of a church we attended a long time ago. Now the church is closed down and the Pastor is now doing conferences all over the World and is in need of someone to work on Social Media for him and for other purposes such as "bodyguard" and "butler" and doing random tasks like carrying luggage, typing up documents, etc. With me, unknown what the pay would be, or whether or not I'd be able to move out on my own, and whether or not I'd be able to keep my current job is questioning.
So, I'm not sure what to do. Hahaha! It'll be very interesting to see where the next few weeks bring me.
I then ended the day and bought a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3. I got a very nice paycheck, and I needed something portable to take notes and work on my business calls/meetings with Pizza Ranch.
So it was very interesting! And very productive. My shift included a total of 14 hours, a job offer, shook the hands with a lot of important people in Anoka, and had a decent shift with my employees!
Over and all, a great day!
Thanks for reading~

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